About Amelia

Let me tell you a little about myself.

From a young age, I have been intrigued by the human condition.  I remember asking my dad when I was 3, “Why am I a human?”  He answered honestly, “I have no idea. You just are.”  That answer in no way satisfied my curiosity and thus my pursuit of awareness began.

My first love was the theater.  I grew up in a musical family where we sang and danced all night long at family holidays.  I started performing in plays at the age of 5 and couldn’t stop.  That led me to earn my BFA in Theater at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, after which I worked regionally and Off-Broadway as an actress in musical theater.  (I promise, I will never break out into song in the middle of a therapy session!)

Who is that cute dog and does he come to sessions?

The cute little white schnoodle in the photo above is LEO, and yes, he does come to sessions. He is a rescue dog who loves going to work and greeting clients. He is 7 years old, hypoallergenic, and loves treats and naps.

Why therapy?

I am passionate about living this life as fully as possible and helping others do the same.

While performing in theater brought me much joy, eventually I became more inspired by spirituality, meditation, Buddhism, inner work, and healing.  These interests led me through a variety of psychological and transformational studies until I eventually earned my Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy at Naropa University, one of the only Buddhist-inspired accredited school in the country.  Here is where I learned the unique art of helping others.

I know that therapy helps.

It is important that you know I have experienced my own struggles, challenges, heartaches, lows, and extremes. Moreover, I can tell you from my personal experience as a client, that therapy does help.

I am also passionate about making therapy an ordinary and accepted part of living in the 21st century.  I want to change the stigma around therapy and help make self-inquiry and healing a more common and more valued experience in our society.

Being a therapist is more than just a job for me.  It infuses who I am at a cellular level and therefore I aspire to bring my whole self into my work and the therapeutic relationship.

Since most of the wounds that we carry within us arose through relationships with others,  I feel strongly that these wounds heal through relationship as well.

It is my hope that we will develop the healing relationship that is right for you.