Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety Counseling Portland ORDo you often feel overwhelmed by life?  Do you worry excessively?  Do you struggle with debilitating fear or stress?  Are you often nervous or uncomfortable in social situations?  Do you have trouble sleeping because your mind is racing or spinning?  Do you struggle with panic attacks?  Do you often wish you could just turn off your mind?

There is hope! Anxiety counseling can help.

Everyone feels anxious, nervous or overwhelmed at times. And sometimes anxiety can take over and become debilitating and greatly impact your quality of life. Anxiety does not have to rule your life! Seeing a therapist can help relieve anxiety and overwhelming emotions.

I help people develop calm, ease, and clarity in their daily lives.

Life does not have to be so hard. It is my goal to help you experience more freedom, joy, expansiveness, creativity and enjoyment in your daily life.

In anxiety therapy in Portland, OR, I help people:

  • Develop a new relationship to their thoughts, emotions and body
  • Resolve feelings of shame and confusion related to anxiety
  • Develop confidence in themselves and in life
  • Utilize the vital life energy of anxiety as a strength and a resource

I already self-medicate to relieve my anxiety. Why will anxiety counseling help?

Many people find their own ways of coping with anxiety and overwhelming emotions. A common method is using drugs and alcohol or turning to other addictions such as food, TV, cigarettes or sleep as a way to numb out. These practices may help for a little while, but often act as a band-aid to cover up the problem only temporarily. While I do not judge any methods you are using to cope with your anxiety, I do want to help you find non-harmful ways of relating to your mind and body. Using mindfulness and body awareness practices, together we will get to know the way you experience life and all of its complexities. We will discover ways your body has learned to deal with the stress of life and develop new patterns and habits that bring more satisfaction, confidence and peace to your daily life.

I don’t want to be too calm. I still want to have energy.

Some people worry that without their anxiety they will be too calm or stagnant. Anxiety, however, is often trapped energy in the body and can actually make you feel tired or even exhausted. This energy is a feeling that wants to move through the body and be felt but part of our system says, “This is not safe, I must not feel this.” So we subconsciously stop the feeling and energy from moving through. By freeing this energy up to move with ease, you may have more access to a wider range of thoughts and feelings and thus experience even more energy in your daily life.

I have seen therapists before and I still struggle with anxiety. Why will anxiety counseling  with you be different?

My background in mindfulness meditation and energy work give me a unique view of how anxiety and emotions are stored in the body. Good therapy actually changes the way that your nervous system processes stress. Many of my clients in Portland, OR report that after as little as one or two sessions, they begin to notice a dramatic shift in their anxiety levels. Over time, they feel more confident and more able to ride with life’s ups and down that were previously challenging. Clients also report they do not numb out as much with TV, food drugs or alcohol. As a result, they find more enjoyment in their relationships and daily life activities.

It is time that you experience freedom from anxiety! Call for a free 30-minute consultation today for Anxiety Counseling in Portland, OR.