Couples Counseling

couples counseling Portland Amelia Morgan-RothschildDo you feel unsatisfied in your current relationship?  Are you and your partner not getting along the way you once did?  Do you feel tired of constantly being in conflict?  Are you unsure whether this is the right relationship for you?  Are you and your partner trying to get over an affair that one of you had?  Are you drained from feeling emotionally or sexually disconnected from your partner?

You are not alone.

It is quite normal and healthy for couples to experience some amount of conflict in their relationship. Quite often, however, too much conflict may cause disconnection or distance. Once the amount of conflict in a relationship outweighs the amount of connection, this is usually when one or both people decide to leave the relationship.

There is good news!

Not all relationships have to end when the going gets tough.

In fact, conflict in a relationship is often a sign that growth is taking place.

I help couples grow, both as individuals and together.

Growth is a natural part of life, and quite often we are challenged to grow the most through being in a relationship. I help couples ease through the growth process in as smooth and satisfying a way as possible.

In couples counseling in Portland, OR, I assist people to:

  • Practice effective ways to deal with natural conflict that strengthens the relationship.
  • Learn to communicate in ways that lead to better understanding and trust.
  • Develop a sense of deeper intimacy and connection with each other.
  • Enhance the strengths that are already working well in the relationship.

We have already tried to work out our differences. Why will this approach be any different?

I’m sure you and your partner are doing the best you can on your own to resolve conflicts. Unfortunately, you may have experienced that when you try to work things out, sometimes the conflict worsens. In the process of trying to regain connection with your partner, you paradoxically feel even more disconnected instead.

Couples counseling is different because I will be there to guide both people to successfully work through whatever blind spots or blocks they have that usually prevent them from being able to reconnect. I help couples in Portland, OR learn to stay in connection with each other during conflict or emotional upheaval; this learning strengthens the bond and leads to greater intimacy, care and trust.

What if my partner doesn’t want to come to counseling?

It is common that one person in the relationship wants to seek therapy and the other thinks everything is fine. While it is always possible and helpful to start with individual counseling and work on your part of the relationship on your own, I find it is most beneficial when both partners come to counseling. Even if one person feels okay with the relationship, the fact that one person is unsatisfied usually means there is some shift that is wanting to occur within the relationship. Relationships are of course more fun when both people are happy!

I’m worried that couples counseling is going to be difficult and uncomfortable.

Many people are nervous to share the details of their relationship with a third person. I have found that once people meet me and talk through their concerns, they are usually pleasantly surprised at how good they feel from receiving help and support. You already may be experiencing a lot of uncomfortable feelings between you and your partner, and it is my goal to help you feel satisfied, happy and connected with each other.

What kinds of couples do you work with?

All kinds of people in Portland, OR come to see me for help with their relationship. Some people are married, some are dating, and some want help navigating a break-up or divorce. I work with people who have been together a few months or many years. I see GLBTQ couples, as well as heterosexual and Poly couples. I bring a sense of openness to the people who come see me. We shall work as a team to help you both develop and maintain the best possible relationship for you.

It is time for you to be in the best possible relationship for you. Call now for a free 30-minute consultation for Couples Counseling in Portland, OR.