Relationship Help For Individuals

relationship counselingDo you have trouble fully being yourself in relationships?  Do you often feel lonely and long to feel closer to people?  Do you worry that you are codependent?  Do your feelings get hurt easily?  Are you struggling with a recent break-up?  Are you often frustrated, angry or in conflict with family members?  Do you long for a romantic relationship and can’t seem to stay in one for very long?  Do you often lose yourself in romantic relationships?

You are not the only one struggling!

Everyone has bumps in the road while relating with others, whether it’s with friends, family or romantic relationships. This is part of the human condition.  And sometimes relationship struggles can become very overwhelming and deeply affect one’s sense of well-being in life. When your relationships are not going well, you may feel lost, lonely, distracted, frustrated and hurt.  Everyone needs fulfilling human connection.  It is my goal to help you experience positive, life-affirming relationships in your daily life.

I help people develop more satisfying relationships.

I specialize in helping people in who struggle to be fully themselves in relationships with others.  I am confident that everyone has the ability to experience happiness, love, support and connection from others in a way that feels good to them. Even people who have experienced relational trauma such as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse have the capacity to find fulfillment and joy from being close with others.

I help people:

  • Bring their whole self into their relationships
  • Shift limiting beliefs about self and others
  • Develop more confidence and self-esteem
  • Work through feelings of grief and loss around past relationships
  • Enhance their capacity for intimacy and healthy human connection

I have seen therapists in the past and not much changed.  How is relationship counseling different with you?

Many therapists agree that no matter what technique is used, the most healing factor of therapy is in fact the relationship between therapist and client. My approach to relationship concerns is unique in that I focus a lot of my attention on the therapeutic relationship itself. The therapeutic relationship is like a testing ground — a place for you to try out new ways of being and relating all within the context of acceptance and non-judgement from myself. You will get to see what feels good to you and what does not feel right when relating to others. However you choose to show up is perfect and I have a commitment to you getting the most out all of your relationships.

What kinds of people do you help?

All kinds of people in Portland, OR come to see me for help with their relationships concerns. I find that a lot of people in their 20s and 30s feel drawn to work with me, although I help people of all ages. I work with people who have never been to relationship counseling before and people who have seen counselors for many years. I work with people who are single or in a relationship. I work with people who have a history of trauma in relationships, as well as people who are generally dissatisfied with their current relationship situation. Each person is unique, and I expect you to bring your own unique concerns and experiences to our time together.

I am worried it will be uncomfortable or difficult to open up to a stranger.

Sometimes it is awkward or unnerving for people to begin seeing a new therapist.  My clients have told me upon first meeting that they were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to talk to me.  I am warm and super easy to get along with.  I will never judge you for how you choose to live your life.  If you are not getting what you want out of therapy at any time, I encourage you to let me know so we can address your concerns together.  Your experience matters to me.  I also know from many years of personal experience what it is like to be the client in therapy and how vulnerable that can feel.  I honor that coming and talking with me is a big step towards getting what you want out of your life and your relationships.

Take that step now and contact me for your free 30-minute consultation for Relationship Counseling in Portland, OR.